IPS Group specializes in supplying high quality components for the industrial facilities that require high standards of quality. IPS Group is a well known supplier for a broad range of power plant equipment and applications. We have a large portfolio of products and components for nearly every power generating industry:

  • Thermal
  • Gas
  • Nuclear
  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Coal
  • Utility & Cogeneration & Captive Power Plants (Cogen & Captive) 

IPS Groups expertise in the field of power generation includes, among others:


Bearing seats, drive shafts, stators, bushings, wear parts, blade carriers


Bearing seats, drive shafts, stators, bushings, pillar constructions, wear parts


  • Flanges and forgings for steam turbines / steam applications under high pressures and temperatures as well as for hydraulic applications
  • Seamless hot rolled rings for power system mountings
  • Forged tubes, Y-pieces and sealing rings, also in aluminum and titanium alloys 

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