Austenitic Stainless Steel

IPS Group is a specialist in the 300-series stainless steels, classified as austenitic. These grades of stainless contain chromium (approx. 18 to 30%) and nickel (approx. 6 to 20%) as their major alloying additions. Austenitic Stainless steel alloys exhibit excellent corrosion resistance, has a high ease of fabrication, outstanding formability, and tremendous strength at high temperatures and pressure.

Due to its controlled carbon content of 0,04% to 0,10%, stainless Steel 304H UNS S30409 provides improved mechanical strength and is to ensure mechanical integrity up to temperatures of 1500°F.

Stainless Steel 317L UNS S31703 is a molybdenum-containing, low carbon austenitic stainless steel with increased additions of chromium, nickel, and molybdenum for better corrosion resistance and increased resistance to chemical attack for sulfurous, acetic, formic, citric, and tartaric acids. Due to its low carbon content, 317L also provides resistance to sensitization when welded and higher creep, stress to rupture, and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It is non-magnetic in the annealed condition but may become slightly magnetic after welding.

Stainless Steel 321 UNS S32100 is a titanium stabilized austenitic stainless steel with good general corrosion resistance. It has excellent resistance to intergranular corrosion after exposure to temperatures in the chromium carbide precipitation range of 800 – 1500°F. It also possesses good low-temperature toughness.

Stainless Steel 321H UNS S32109 is the higher carbon (0,04% to 0,10%) version of the alloy. It was developed for enhanced creep resistance and for higher strength at temperatures above 1000°F.

Stainless Steel 347 UNS S34700 is an austenitic, chromium steel containing Niobium (Nb) (formerly known as Columbium (Cb)) which allows for the elimination of carbide precipitation, and, consequently, intergranular corrosion. 347 is stabilized by the additions of chromium and tantalum. The addition of Niobium (Nb) also allows 347 to have excellent corrosion resistance, even superior to that of 321. Stainless Steel 347H UNS S34709 is the higher carbon composition form of Alloy 347 and demonstrates improved high temperature and creep properties. Stabilizing heat treatment is used to reduce susceptibility to intergranular stress corrosion and embrittlement also to increase high temperature creep strength.

IPS Group has extensive experience (since 1995) in supplying these materials for petroleum refineries, heat exchangers, cooling towers, electric generation plants, fertilizer and chemical plants, paper, and pulp handling equipment, High temperature, and high-pressure chemical processes. IPS has a special focus on the furnaces of petrochemical cracker units for which high temperature and high-pressure resistant materials are essential.

IPS and its sub-suppliers keeps stocks ½” up to and including 48” seamless ASTM A312 300-series and are manufactured by the most reputed mills only. The pipes are manufactured in accordance with ASTM A312/ASME SA312 and are subjected to additional testing that is exceeding industry standards or client specific standards such as Shell. IPS Group supplies besides seamless pipes as well as welded pipes in accordance with ASTM A358, seamless & welded fittings in accordance with ASTM A403, and flanges & forgings in accordance with ASTM A182.

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