A Floating Liquid Natural Gas vessel (FLNG) is designed to operate on offshore gas fields where it is too difficult to pipe the gas to shore or to build the suitable liquefaction plant onshore. The FLNG vessel extracts natural gas from offshore wells and condenses the gas to a liquid form by cooling it to approximately -162C (-260F) thus allowing large volumes of liquefied natural gas to be stored on the vessel.

Similar to an FPSO vessel, an FLNG vessel involves accommodating midstream and downstream applications in an upstream environment. This creates major complexities in moving the gas from the subsea environment, to the vessel for processing and cooling to liquid form, then moving the liquefied gas onwards to the shuttle vessel for shipment to the shore.

IPS Group is well placed to supply to any steel requirement in an FLNG construction. Using our extensive product range, as well as our long-standing relationship with reputed manufacturers worldwide, we procure everything from seamless pipes for flowlines, to welded pipe for gas export lines. We procure pipe, flanges, and fittings in carbon, low-temperature carbon, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, and nickel alloy. We also supply the whole Valves ranges and Valve control and Automation to support the gas processing and cooling on board the vessel and deliver complete Project Management services, including coordination of inspections, Testing, and Logistics to assure on-time delivery to complex delivery schedules.

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