Gasket – Expanded graphite sheets and gaskets

Expanded graphite sheet can be characterized, in general, as having several layers of compressed graphite and 316 L stainless steel (usually 316Ti) or steel, without a need for glues or resins. Sealants made from this are resistant to pressures of between 100 and 250 bar and temperatures of between -250 ⁰C and +550 ⁰C. For temperatures above 450 ⁰C, we would recommend talking to our product specialists. Together with our engineering department, they will be able to determine what the most suitable material is for your application.

Expanded graphite sheeting may incorporate a flat, tanged or “expanded” core made from AISI 316L material. A cheap and safe sealing product can be made available, depending on the application.

Corrosion resistance is one of the chief characteristics of graphite sheeting. Key factors responsible for this are the purity and the oxidation properties of the graphite. The better the oxidation properties, the smaller the loss of mass. A smaller loss of mass means greater elasticity and so a more reliable sealing.

Graphite sheets are also impregnated (with an anti-stick coating) to facilitate the treatment of the sheets and therefore the sealant. The latest generation of graphite sealing materials uses non-stick XP-technology, which means reductions in downtime because gasket materials no longer stick to the flanges and the chance of leaks is reduced because new gaskets can be fitted to a flat clean flange surface. Our expanded graphite sheet gaskets are of high quality and can be put to good use in almost any industry. Our expanded graphite sheet gaskets also come with TA-Luft certification. TA-Luft certified gaskets are used in situations where emissions need to be minimized.

Flexitallic, Sigraflex and Frenzelit for miscellaneous applications

For example, these gaskets are used widely in oil refineries, specifically because they show excellent resistance to corrosive media. What’s more, they are also ideally suited to use in heating systems, applications with steam, and as replacement gaskets for pipelines that are already in use.

All gaskets are available in both ANSI and DIN sizes.
Leading suppliers and brands include Flexitallic, Sigraflex, and Frenzelit.

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