General information and description

IPS Group supplies a large variety of ring joint gaskets. The RTJ standard size gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API-6A and ASME B16.20 specifications. Total control of manufacturing processes ensures correct gasket surface and hardness to give a good seal without damaging flange connections. The hardness of the ring should always be less than the hardness of the flanges to prevent flange deformation. The sealing surfaces on the ring joint grooves must be smoothly finished to 63 microinches.

Description of available sections

API ring Joint gaskets come in two standard types, an oval cross-section, and an octagonal cross section. These standard shapes are used in pressures up to 10,000 psi. The dimensions are standardized and require specially grooved flanges

  • Type R octagonal – Octagonal and Oval configurations are interchangeable on flat-bottomed groove flanges that have a 23° angle groove wall.
  • Type R oval – An oval ring joint flange that was designed for a flange that is now out of production. This flange had a rounded bottom ring groove. Oval and octagonal configurations are interchangeable on flat-bottomed groove flanges that have a 23° angle groove wall.
  • Type RX  –RX is a gasket designed for pressures up to approx. 700 bar. This is a self-sealing gasket that uses a pressure-energized effect, which improves the efficiency of the seal as the pressure rises. The RX series is interchangeable with the R series.


Ring type joints are manufactured according to ASME B16.20 (2007) standards and to API specification 6A and 17B. Total control of manufacturing processes ensures correct surface hardness to give a good seal without damaging flange sections.

Type BX – BX is a gasket designed for very high pressures up to approx. 1,500 bar. These rings may only be used in connection with API type BX flanges and grooves. The BX ring has a through horizontal hole that acts as a pressure equalizer.

Type SRX and Type SBX – Type SRX and SBX gaskets per API 17D for Subsea Wellhead and Tree Equipment are vented to prevent pressure lock when connections are made up underwater. They have identical measurements to RX and BX ring gaskets with the same number designation, and they will fit the same corresponding connectors. The “S” indicates these gaskets have cross-drilled holes, as fluid entrapment in the ring groove can interfere with proper makeup underwater (subsea). With the vent hole, any water trapped between a ring groove bottom and the sealing area of the gasket can escape to the equipment I.D. bore. Material per spec is defined as a corrosion resistant alloy.

IX Seal Ring gaskets – The IX-rings are designed and used where the NORSOK CFC (Compact Flange Connections) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colors in order to distinguish between them. Standard identification NORSOK STANDARD L-005 (NCF5). All markings should be on the inside of the ring.

Materials RTJ gaskets are available in many different materials.

  • F-5 –
  • AISI 304 –
  • AISI 316 –
  • AISI 316L * –
  • AISI 321 –
  • AISI 347 –
  • Duplex S31803 –
  • ALLOY 825 *
  • AISI 316L with a hardness of HB 135 max Other materials on request

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