Cryogenic Valves


LNG is exactly what it says: the liquid form of natural gas. The process of liquefying is performed to reduce the volume for purposes of transporting the fuel: LNG reduces volume by 600 times, making it much more economical to transport.

VALVES are a critical component at each stage of the liquefication process. Valve performance and reliability are important to the whole process.

Thanks to design and state of the art manufacturing technology, Maverick Valves offer 100% compliance even with the highest tightness or temperature requirements. With this design, we offer you the perfect solution for demanding LNG applications.


When it comes to temperatures below -162° C the industry talks about cryogenic applications. We find these temperatures in different applications like air separation plants, chemical plants or LNG plants.

With our various types of Valves, engineered, manufactured and tested in the OEM’s factories or our ultra-modern Sister company plant in Tilburg, The Netherlands, we can handle cryogenic applications. Thanks to our design and construction our valve acts with a totally round seat and sealing geometry. This construction allows for handling these extreme temperatures. Even if the material is shrinking and expanding due to extreme temperatures, our valves are keeping their promises of 100% tightness.

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