• The fusible plug radial field is a very important subsystem in the overall “Oilfield” safety system.
  • The fusible plug radial field is utilized to provide fire protection for production and/or storage areas associated with the oil/gas field.
  • The system has proven to be a very cost effective way to provide this coverage.
  • The fusible plug radial field system is a pneumatically operated system. It may be used as a stand-alone alarm only system or used in conjunction with an “ESD” system to shut-in production, activate a”Deluge” system and sound a fire alarm
  • In large production and/or storage areas the fusible plug radial field may be broken down into “Zones” as a means of isolating a particular area in which a fire has occurred.

The charging panel is the heart of the fusible plug radial field. It has a pneumatically operated manual charge/auto trip circuit which initiates the alarm or shut down upon loss of field pressure. It consists of a supply regulator (used to supply a clean regulated air supply to the system); a two-way normally closed pilot trip valve (used to shut-in the circuit) a make-up orifice (used to make-up output pressure lost by small leaks in the field tubing runs) and three (3) pressure gauges (one for supply, one for regulated and one for holding pressure). Three pressure switches to achieve two out of three voting systems before activation of an alarm.

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