• The system has been designed to operate one (1) production well.
  • The well consisting out off a Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve, Master Valve and Wing Valve.
  • The following valves are equipped with a manual (shutdown) valve at the front of the panel: the surface-controlled sub-surface safety valve (SCSSV), Master Valve and Wing Valve.
  • A separate header from the TSE/ESD loop of the panel enters the Surface Wellhead Control Panel and can de-pressurize the 5 bar control header of the panel. So the well will shut-down if there is a fusible loop trip in the panel?
  • The Single Well Control Panel operates at three (3) pressure levels: 690 bars for the Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valves, 345 bars for the Master and Wing Valve and 5 bars for the control pressure.
  • There is separate TSE/ESD header of the panel So the well will shut-down if there is a SE/ESD trip in the panel.
  • There is one electric driven pump set to achieve the 345 bars pressure level and to achieve 5 bars pressure level

  • There is one intensifier installed to boost-up the SCSSV header pressure to 690 bars.
  • There is one (1) hand pumps installed for back-up power, in case of a power failure.
  • The hydraulic energy is stored in a hydraulic accumulator for the 345 bars header, mounted inside the panel.
  • The pressures generated by the system are transmitted via Pressure switches to the control room
  • The system needs 5 bar hydraulic instrument logic pressure which is controlled by a regulator installed at the front of the panel.
  • The system needs 345 bar hydraulic header pressure to supply the SCSSV header, which is controlled by a regulator installed inside the panel.

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