• There is one (1) pneumatic driven pump to achieve the Hydraulic pressure.
  • The pump has an internal start stop valve, when the air has been vented from the pilot port the pump will stop at the end of the stroke.
  • All pressure levels can be read out on pressure gauges installed on the front-side of the control panel.
  • A safety relief valve protects the pump and the system. The relief valve is sized for the full flow capacity Of the pump.
  • The hydraulic energy is stored in two (2) hydraulic accumulators, mounted in the panel (max working pressure 6500PSI).
  • The accumulators will also be used for pulsation damping.
  • The pressure generated by the system is controlled via High Pressure Pilot. The High Pressure Pilot will start and stop the pump.
  • The local pump start/stop/bypass functions are activated by two (2) ball valves.
  • All components, which require maintenance or calibration, can be isolated with manual valves.
  • The reservoir has been designed in such a way that the return oil will enter the degassing section.
  • A filler breather cap is installed to protect the reservoir against overpressure.
  • The level of the degassing reservoir and the main reservoir is indicated on the individual level gauges inside the cabinet.
  • A level switch is installed at 20% of the clean reservoir; it will generate a pump stop and a signal to platform logic if the level will come below 20%.

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